Why Give?

The atmosphere is a finite and perishable resource that encloses our planet in a sometimes benevolent, sometimes despotic embrace. The challenge is to understand, to predict, and to conserve this precious resource. More than ever, we are in a position to meet these challenges, and we are eager to do so.

Walter Orr Roberts, May 1967
Inaugural Director of the National Center for Atmospheric Research

As alumni and friends of the National Center, we are eager to build on a remarkable record of achievement by joining together to assure the advancement of Earth system science continues.

We take inspiration from our connections to the Center, whether direct and personal or as new supporters of its enduring mission. We would love to hear your story.

My affiliation with NCAR has been exceptionally rewarding, professionally and personally. I have the greatest respect for the institution, its people, and their contributions to science and society. For these reasons and more, I continue to actively support NCAR and UCAR.

Robert Serafin
NCAR Director Emeritus